Frame Customisation 

When tennis racquets are manufactured, due to the nature of the construction process, it is impossible to make a batch of frames with absolute identical specifications.

Most of the racquet companies today accept a tolerance of +/-7 grams in weight and +/-7 mm in balance point ... yes, if you are thinking that is a high tolerance, it is!

i.e. Racquets that are supposedly "identical" can have discrepancies of 14 units for each of these characteristics and most importantly, the swingweight can vary by as much as 20 units if the weights and balances of two frames are respectively at the upper and lower limits of the tolerances.

Players with multiple racquets obviously need all of their frames to be the same. This is where frame customising comes in. We can customise a frame if:

  • the player knows his/her desired specifications, i.e. weight, balance point and swingweight, or
  • the desired specifications are obtained from a particular "favourite" frame and used as a bench-mark to match all the player's other frames to the same specifications, or
  • the player's optimum specifications are determined by doing an on-court player enhancement analysis.

When watching the pros play, you may notice some lead tape placed on specific locations of the frame. More commonly, the customising is done so that the lead tape is not visible but every professional player has some degree of customising done to their frames.

At TopServe we use exclusive diagnostic equipment that allows us to customise frames to the following unrivalled accuracy:

  • Weight: +/-0.05 gram
  • Balance: +/-0.25mm
  • Swingweight: +/-0.5 kg.cm2


For work done with the above-mentioned accuracy and precision - A$150.00 per hour, with a minimum of A$65.00.

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