FREE Demo Program 

At TopServe, we have a full range of demo racquets for you to test so you can try before you buy. Our expert staff (all qualified Master Racquet Technicians) will be pleased to help you select from our huge range of racquets.

For further details on our Demo Program, please see conditions below.

For those of you outside of Sydney and not able to visit our store, you are now able to order a demo racquet online that we will ship to anywhere in Australia so that you no longer need to make the expensive mistake of buying the wrong racquet. 

Please email to order your demo or with any enquiries.

Conditions of Demo Program

  • A credit card payment is required for the full cost of a new frame of the racquet(s) being tested, (plus any applicable freight cost if we are shipping the demo via our online demo program),
  • The demo racquet is available to you for 7 days (we will take into account delivery times - a definite time frame for the return of the demo will be stipulated depending on your location),
  • Upon return of the demo, we will refund the racquet price that was originally charged less a $20 demo fee (and less the applicable freight cost)
  • If you go ahead and purchase a racquet, the $20 demo fee is waived, i.e. our demo program is completely FREE,
  • A late fee of $10 per day applies for demos not returned within the agreed time; if the racquet is not returned within 14 days, the sale will stand and no refund will be applied,
  • The customer accepts full liability for the racquet and the racquet must be returned in an acceptable condition; if the racquet is returned in a condition which is deemed by TopServe to have been damaged by the customer, appropriate charges will be added to the demo fee,
  • TopServe will supply the demo in good condition and strung with reasonably fresh strings (as you can appreciate, it may not be possible to restring freshly each time a demo goes out but we do keep all demos well maintained in regards to their strings and grips); if a string is broken during testing of the demo, you must contact us to authorise restringing; under no circumstance are you to have the racquet restrung without our prior approval.
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