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Tennis Tutor - Battery

Brand:Tennis Tutor

The Tennis Tutor will sharpen your skills, build your confidence, and raise the level of your game. With its small and lightweight construction, the Tennis Tutor is portable enough to take anywhere you want, yet powerful enough to challenge top-level players. In fact, Tennis Tutor is used by tennis pros at the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Training Center in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. The Tennis Tutor features counter-rotating wheel operation and an electronic control panel that gives your control over the ball speed, trjectory, and ball feed rate. There is also the option to repeat shots that you need practice on or to oscillate and direct shots randomly across the court.

The Tennis Tutor Battery comes with a rechargeable heavy duty battery that allows for 4-6 hours of court play time, which is great for players who want to practice for an extended length of time. On the control panel is a built-in battery charge indicator that beeps when there is only one-half hour of battery charge left. The Tennis Tutor opens up in just seconds to hold 150 balls and the simple to use control panel lets you quickly set your preferences and play. The Tutor Heavy Battery is the tennis ball machine for players looking for an affordable and portable machine that can last long on the court and an easy set-up.
Specifications for Tennis Tutor Battery

Ball capacity 150 Balls
Trajectories Groundstroke to Lob
Ball ejection speed 10-85 MPH
Ball feed rate 1 1/2 to 12 seconds
Oscillator Built-in
Battery Type Lead-acid, solid, sealed
Playing Time
w/heavy duty battery 4 to 6 hours typical
Recharge Time 12 hours, typical
Dimensions (hopper closed)
Tennis Tutor 12"H x 19.5"L x 20"W
Weight (includes 12 lbs Heavy Duty battery)
Tennis Tutor 42 pounds

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