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Wilson Clash 100L

Code: WR008711
Brand: Wilson

Head Size 645 cm2
Frame Length 686 mm
Frame Weight 280 grams
Frame Balance 315 mm
Frame Swingweight 268 kg.cm2
Beam Width 23.0 mm
Frame Stiffness 65 DA Points
String Pattern 16 x 19 Mains x Crosses
The Clash 100L features the extraordinary flexibility and control of the revolutionary franchise in a lighter frame. Weighing in at 280g, the Clash 100L gives players an extra degree of maneuverability and swing speed. FreeFlex and StableSmart combine to bend the frame in new dimensions for excellent ball pocketing and dwell time without sacrificing stability. Dripping with all the ingredients to maximize player confidence in every shot, the Clash 100L is worth a hard look for transitioning juniors and any players that prefer a lighter racquet. Ultimately, with its arm-friendly feel and spin-friendly precision, the Clash 100L is a great option for the intermediate player who wants great feel at impact combined with easy targeting on full swings.

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