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Yonex Vcore Pro 97 HD

Code: 22733
Brand: Yonex

Head Size 625 cm2
Frame Length 686 mm
Frame Weight 320 grams
Frame Balance 310 mm
Frame Swingweight 298 kg.cm2
Beam Width 20 mm
Frame Stiffness 66 DA Points
String Pattern 18 x 20 Mains x Crosses

Crush with Control

Yonex is proud to announce an update to its most advanced racquet, the VCORE PRO. Equipped with Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) to filter unwanted vibrations, the VCORE PRO is designed for heavy-hitters looking to crush with control.

Through extensive research, Yonex found the overall length of rallies and ball speed increased at the professional level. As matches become longer and more demanding, top players depend on a racquet that has a unique balance of ball-crushing power, control, and comfort.

The VCORE PRO incorporates Namd*, a revolutionary graphite that maintains its flex at high swing speeds, into the throat of the racquet for heavy drives. The improved throat design that features optimum torque coupled with a grommet structure that promotes efficient energy transfer for ball-crushing spin results in 4% more spin, 2.7% more speed, and a 10cm higher bounce***.

The most innovative feature to the new VCORE PRO is the VDM wrapped around the graphite within the grip to filter 30% of unwanted vibrations**. In addition to reducing fatigue, this stretchy material adheres well to graphite resulting in improved feel for precise ball control.

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